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Speaker Agreement

Welcome! We are excited to have you join us for a Shift Network Telesummit/Series. Your participation is greatly appreciated. Our intention is for this to be a massive success for everyone involved. In order to achieve that intention we ask that you fill out as much of the information below as you can and read and agree to the speaker agreement before submitting this information.

This information page includes three sections to make your participation as efficient as possible:

  1. Required information that we need in order to set you up as a speaker and add your information to the event website. Please fill out all of this section.
  2. Requested information that we will need from you before the event launches. Please fill out as much of this as you can at this time. We will be in touch with you if we need additional information or clarification.
  3. The required Speaker’s Agreement which you should review and agree to as part of submitting this form.
Section 1 (required)
(where you can be reached during your session)
Maximum file size: 3 MB
Allowed extensions: png gif jpg jpeg
Images must be larger than 120x145 pixels
Please provide a FULL headshot, with space around the sides and top of your head. Facing forward is preferred.
In addition to your full bio above, please provide a 2-sentence intro to be read out loud at the beginning of your interview to introduce you to the audience (55 word limit)
Summary of your titles and affiliations. 80 character limit or approx 10 words
Eg. Co-Founder of Evolution Central, Musician, Yoga Teacher
(We are happy to work with you to come up with the most compelling possible topic/title)
(You can submit this in a short list of focus areas if that is easier. Please take your best shot even if you don't know all the specifics. We need to share with people a short description of your session, and you are much more familiar with your content than we are. Thank you!)
Please provide 3 bullet points of what the listener will get from your session: Order
Please provide 3-5 suggested “dream questions” that the host can ask you about your topic to best highlight your core message. Our intention in asking for these questions is to give you the opportunity to share with the audience anything new about you or your work that we may not know about, or something that you would like to bring into the conversation that has a potency and vibrancy!
Promotional Details

In order for this event to be a success for everyone, speakers are required to send at least one dedicated email to their full email list promoting the event. If we are offering a paid upgrade package for your summit, you'll receive a 50% commission on sales of those upgrade packages to people you refer. (Some of our more philanthropic summits, such as Summer of Peace and The Global Indigenous Summit are always free — as we can't recoup any of our costs with an upgrade package for these summits, there's not a profit to share with you. We do still require all summit speakers to mail.) Additional benefits may be available — such as co-sponsor listing — if you agree to an additional dedicated send.

The date of your dedicated solo email promoting the event to your network. (Please refer to your original speaker invitation for the promotional window. If you can't find it, leave this blank and our Partner Management Team will be in touch to assist you.)
(for internal tracking and optimization purposes only)

If your list is less than 20,000 and you would be willing to do a second mailing about the summit, please check here. (This is requested, but not required, except for Summer of Peace):

If YES, please provide the email that you signed up with in our Referral Partner system. This is critical in order to track your promotional efforts and to ensure you receive any affiliate commissions that may come from them.
If NO, please take a moment to visit and sign-up as a Shift Network Referral Partner affiliate, and then fill-in the email you signed up with in the field above. This is required in order track your promotional efforts and to ensure you receive any affiliate commissions that may come from them. Otherwise, our team will need to create an account for you in order to track referral commissions from your promotional efforts.

When you sign-up please be sure to provide the email address where you would like to receive your promotional materials and resources. Once you sign-up, when the promotional resources are ready you will receive an email from MaryKay Morgan that will provide you with credentials to login to a special site where you can access all of promotional materials for your dedicated email send.
Section 2 (requested)

Phone Choice for Your Session

We are grateful that technology allows us to do our work from virtually anywhere. However, convenience sometimes comes at the cost of quality. In order for your session to sound good – and keep people listening – high quality sound is very important. We ask that for your session(s) you call in from a corded land line, and be mindful to minimize background noises and not use a headset. Cordless phones, cell phones, VOIP, headsets, and speaker phones aren’t good options and affect the sound quality of both your live session and the recording. If one of these is your only option, please make sure you call in a few extra minutes early so we can do our best to make adjustments on the backend.

Section 3

Speaker’s Agreement and Release

The below signed (“the Speaker”) acknowledges that The Shift Network ("the Company") owns the audio and/ or video and associated transcripts produced by the telesummit.

The Company grants to the Speaker the right to use the Speaker’s audio and/ or video recording (provided to the Speaker by the Company) in any way that the Speaker chooses provided that the information remain complete and unaltered, including credit to the Company.

The Speaker agrees to support the telesummit through promotion to her/his community via one solo email (an email free of additional offers and/or information unrelated to the telesummit), unless otherwise agreed to. This email is to be sent within the promotional window specified for the telesummit.

The Speaker may, at her/his discretion and choosing, promote the telesummit in additional ways including, but not limited to, additional dedicated solo emails, newsletter listings, blog posts and posts on social media channels.

The Speaker acknowledges and agrees to up to a commission of 50% on any sales of summit upgrade tracked to their affiliate link. The Speaker acknowledges that in order to receive affiliate commissions all promotions must include their unique affiliate link.